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Shen Min Women Advanced Formula Shen Min for Women
$19.99 - 60 Tablets

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A breakthrough in achieving full, lustrous healthy hair. Advanced Formula Shen Min for Women has vital co-factor hair growth nutrients. More info

Shen Min Men
Advanced Formula Shen Min for Men
$19.99 - 60 Tablets

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State-of-the-art hair nutrient with our potent Shen Min standardized extract plus important co-factor hair growth nutrients such as Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, and more. More info

Shen Min Nutrient
Shen Min Hair Nutrient
$17.50 - 60 Tablets

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The original hair nutrient of the orient, 100% natural. Promotes healthy hair by providing essential nutrients. More info

Hair Nutrient
Extra Strength Hair Nutrient for Men & Women
$10.99 - 30 Tablets

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Chinese herbs for purifying the system and neutralizing biological and metabolic by-products to help intensively nourish hair follicles and roots. More info

Shen Min Activator
$24.49 - 3oz.

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Utilizes a patented lipoceutical, time-released multiphase delivery technology that counteracts and inhibits environmental free-radical damage. More info
Shen Min Topical Scalp Solution
$12.00- 3 oz.

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This natural formula utilizes a patented, highly effective, time-released, multi-phase lipoceutical delivery system. This revitalizing, preventative and corrective elixir purifies, tones and energizes the scalp. More info

Shen Min Hair Volumizing Serum
$8.99 - 4 oz.

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Biotech's Liposomal Bioplex, a natural hair thickening complex of pure plant extracts, act as natural hair and scalp revitalizers in combination with natural thickening agents. More info

Shen Min ScalpBlocker
$12.99 - 2oz.

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Helps you enjoy the sun without the fear of harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is an invisible sunscreen to protect your sensitive scalp and hair. More info

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